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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 07.30.14] horror

Generally speaking, possession movies are all the same. Some evil entity possesses an individual and one or a group of people are usually trying to save the poor soul by performing an exorcism. Occasionally we see a slight change to the formula but generally speaking, they're all cookie cutter exactly what you'd expect. Then there's The Possession Experiment which, rather surprisingly, appears to have a completely different approach to the exorcism story.

Co-written by Mary Dixon and Scott B. Hansen (who also directs), the story here is that for his final assignment, a theology student, with the help of a medium, a priest and a camera crew, offers himself up for possession and streams the entire thing online. He's set up a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to put together his team and the trailer is his pitch video intercut with what takes place when the team actually attempts the possession.

The funding conceit is likely to age the movie quickly but I love the concept and more than that, I'm rather impressed by this trailer which looks far better than most of the big budget movies that play in the same sandbox.

No details yet on a release but stay tuned for more info.

Via 28DLA

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