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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 07.14.14] scifi

We've been covering director Shaun Rana's projects over the last few years, from the concept art for Days of Victory to the kick ass concept trailer for Warren Lich. Now Rana, still working with many of the same themes, has created a concept video for another potential project: ELECTUS: Days of Enlightenment.

The story unfolds in 393AS in a totalitarian world ruled by one government and centers on a woman born into the state religion whose job is to track down and eliminate the infidel.

Made for $1,800, the hyper stylized trailer has some really great visuals and sets up an interesting universe and story idea. Question now is, can Rana get this project off the ground?

Concept trailer below while behind the scenes and making-of featurettes are available on the official website.

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Jan3Sobieski (6 years ago) Reply

Reminded me of Lexx

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