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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 09.09.14] Japan horror thriller

If there's a director that continuously expands my brain to the point of breaking it has got to be Takashi Miike. His movies are always weird, often violent and of varying degrees of quality which may be because he makes so many of them it's sometimes hard to keep track. This year, he's got two to share: the Fantastic Fest selected Over Your Dead Body and the manga based horror (and maybe comedy?) based As the Gods Will.

We haven't seen much from either project and to date, I assumed As the Gods Will was one of the Miike movies we'd likely never get to see this side of the seas and though that might still be true, it doesn't stop us from checking out the insane first teaser for the movie which I've heard described as a mix between Saw and Battle Royale. The basic premise is that a group of high school students find themselves in a situation where they have to play traditional Japanese games and those that lose die horrible deaths.

The manga (part two is now available on Crunchyroll) was huge in Japan last year which would explain why someone would want to cash in by adapting it to a movie so quickly and from the looks of it, they picked the right guy to do it. I'm certainly curious though it sounds very culture specific and might not play so well internationally.

As the Gods Will opens in Japan November 15.

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