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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 10.20.14] horror

Forget that the third film in the Cabin Fever series was released in June, news has surfaced that Eli Roth will reboot his horror series with Travis Zariwny (INTRUDER, Scavengers) directing, and shot from the original script used for the 2002 original. The "new" version will star Gage Golightly, Dustin Ingram, Samuel Davis, Matthew Daddario and Nadine Crocker.

So, is Roth unhappy with how the series has turned out, or is this some kind of Gus Van Sant Pshycho thing? Either way, it's interesting. Usually with a reboot or a remake there's a new angle that's developed, but here, Roth seems to think his original script is just fine. Or maybe it's a George Lucas type deal, where Roth sees problems with the film now that it's over ten years old and he wants to use the latest techniques to help it stand up to modern fare.

More as it comes folks!

Recommended Release: Cabin Fever: Unrated Director's Cut

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Marina (7 years ago) Reply

I thought #3 had its moments. Will be intersting how this remake thing goes over.


Rev Wright (7 years ago) Reply

reeks of desperation and or pretention


fendell (7 years ago) Reply

What a utter waste of $$. The first movie was rather useless.


Syilakown Canadian (7 years ago) Reply

I thought the original release was fantastic!! If he thinks that "Lucasing" it up is gunna improve it....well take a look at the Star Wars Special Editions lol


Usernamelypse (7 years ago) Reply

what is the point?
same script? really?
i think maybe roth is trolling us for the attention trending.

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