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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 10.31.14] Spain horror

For a while we've been glancing some tidbits from Rafa Martínez's directorial debut Sweet Home. From the images and the fact that this is produced by Carlos Fernández who is best known for producing the [REC] franchise, one could assume what was in store with Sweet Home but the trailer clears up any misconceptions.

Ingrid García Jonsson (recently seen in the excellent drama Beautiful Youth) and Bruno Sevilla star as a couple who seem to be hunted down in their apartment building. There was a synopsis kicking around the interwebs about some party celebrations in an old apartment building but it seems to me that this has something more to do with forcible eviction than anything else.

Either way, the subtitle free trailer doesn't really reveal much of the story but what we do get is a preview of the brutality to come. This thing looks like it'll be bloody.

Sweet Home doesn't yet have an official release date but our Spanish friends can expect to see it in early 2015.

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