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Message movies tend to be such a bore. They're stuffy and pretentious and generally uninteresting but once in a while something comes along that is the complete opposite of that. Bloody Knuckles is that movie.

Travis is an underground comic creator whose work spits in the face of propriety. He has a rabid fan following and some local notoriety for his work which has led to some interesting gigs including band logos and cover albums. But Travis is also a realist and occasionally he takes on an odd job doing "respectable" work to pay the bills. Trouble knocks when Travis draws a comic based on a local real estate tycoon who, some believe, is using street thugs to intimidate individuals in a neighbourhood he's trying to buy up. Through a funny series of events, said tycoon learns of the comic and retaliates by having Travis kidnapped and cutting off his drawing hand. Except that's only the beginning of the fun because Bloody Knuckles doesn't really get going until the severed hand, which happens to have a mind of its own, starts to abuse Travis and trying to exact revenge.

On the surface, Matt O'Mahoney's new movie is a raunchy, hilarious throwback to cheesy VHS era horror comedies. These types of movies seem less and less frequent in today's low budget horror movie landscape. Where in the past, filmmakers would focus on story and execution, the trend now is to pump out another boring found footage movie and though some are better than others, there's something really great about a movie like this one that looks and feels like great care has been taken intro creating every weird little moment. From Travis' ridiculously crammed room that offers a glimpse at something totally awesome every time the camera pans the space to the really impressive practical effects.

O'Mahoney doesn't hold anything back and Bloody Knuckles features not only some pretty amazing moments of comedy gold, some of them very politically incorrect, but also some impressive blood gushing violence. Thrown into the mix are secondary stories of Travis fighting depression, a love interest who is trying to uncover the truth behind the real estate tycoon's nefarious plans and some interesting scenes that unfold in the underbelly of the city.

Bloody Knuckles has some great laughs but the movie really works because it also has heart. Adam Boys is a great talent and he makes for such a charming lead that he seems to take the edge off some of the harsher comedy and brings heart to the story as a whole. He's the kind of lead you root for and you know when he finally decides to step up to the plate, shit is about to get real. He reminded me a little of Ash, a likable guy who is at first reluctant but when he finally decides to man up, there's a sense that he was always supposed to be in control.

Vulgar, violent and very funny, Bloody Knuckles is an entertaining infusion of fresh blood into the horror genre. It's not for the easy to offend but makes for perfect entertainment for those that group of friends you play Cards Against Humanity with.

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arielfefs (7 years ago) Reply

a little more than a few years back there was a little movie called The Hand.. about a comic book artist named Jon Lansdale who loses his right hand in a car accident. The hand was not found at the scene of the accident, but it soon returns by itself to follow Jon around, and murder those who anger him. ..

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