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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 02.12.15] Spain thriller

From the get go, Chilean director Alejandro Amenábar has dabbled with the dark. Be it obsession in Open Your Eyes, one man fighting for the right to die in The Sea Inside or a woman being haunted by ghosts in The Others. Agora was a slightly different beast but Amenábar is returning to his early roots and unleashing, in what I assume will be a very controlled way, terror in Regression.

The movie stars Emma Watson as a young woman who claims to have been abused by her father who says he has no memory of the events but still pleads guilty to the crime. Ethan Hawke plays a cop who is investigating the case. Seems like pretty straight forward stuff until you factor in black masses and possible cult activities which reach well beyond the small town the story unfolds in.

I'm getting flashbacks to The Ninth Gate, a movie I originally despised but have come to appreciate more in recent years, but I'm optimistic that Amenábar can deliver the goods.

Regression is set for theatrical release on August 28.

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