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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 04.20.15] Spain horror

The first trailer for Rafa Martínez's Sweet Home suggested some horrific things to come but the movie's plot was still mostly a mystery. What we could discern from our first look was that it involved a couple, an abandoned building and some unwelcome party crashers.

With the movie's Spanish release due in a few months, a new trailer, this one expanding on the plot a little more, has been released and it looks very promising indeed.

The movie stars newcomer Ingrid García Jonsson as Alicia and Bruno Sevilla as Carlos, a couple who decide it's a great idea to celebrate his birthday on the top floor of an abandoned building but it turns out they're not alone and pretty soon, the couple is being hunted through the place by a gang of troublemakers. I'm sure there'll be a good reason why they can't simply go out the front (or back) door.

The influence of producer Carlos Fernández (best known for his work on [REC]) is pretty obvious here but regardless of the location, the movies also seems to share a streak of violence and a female lead who is not sitting back and playing the victim. Can't argue with that.

Sweet Home opens in Spain May 8.

Recommended Release: [REC]

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