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John Connor [Celluloid 06.17.15] post apocalyptic action thriller

You may have already seen this glorious "what if Mad Max: Fury Road was released in the 80's" trailer, but if not then here's your chance!

Created in good fun by the talented artists of The Playback Collective, everything from the film's color grading, title treatment and voice over has been altered to take us back to the time of VHS - the time when Mad Max was first born.

And of course the whole thing is fueled to the synthy tones of Power Glove's "Vengeance".


Recommended Release: Mad Max: Fury Road

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lotus eater (5 years ago) Reply

I dig it. ;-)) 80s style synth.

Love me some POWER GLOVE.

see also...

"Lazerhawk - The Looks that Kill"

"Droid Bishop - Color & Data"

"Mega Drive - Dataline"

For those who enjoy making films. Please do consider using some of these & similar artists tracks for your film soundtracks. Have a nice day.

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