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John Connor [Celluloid 07.20.15] post apocalyptic apocalyptic arthouse avant-garde

Asiel Norton's mystical post-apocalyptic film Orion is on the verge of having its world premier at Fantasia Fest and, as such, the first bit of footage has emerged from the film (that is, besides the footage we premiered months ago). In it, Lily Cole delivers a dark message to drifter David Arquette.

Written and directed by Spirit Award nominee Asiel Norton, and starring David Arquette, Lily Cole, and Goran Kostic, the story is set in a dark age after civilization has collapsed, and follows a maiden who is being held by a cannibal shaman. However, an illiterate hunter stumbles across the shaman's cottage, and the maiden promises to lead him to a city containing the world's last survivors.

Full Synopsis:
Nothing is left of our civilization but ruin and misery. In this world devastated by Man’s madness, the few survivors out there are reduced to lives of pure savagery. Famine and sickness rule their every move in this in chaotic jungle ruled by the law of the fittest.

A traveller (David Arquette) wanders alone in this wasteland. On a mythic quest, he’s closely keeping an eye on the constellation Orion, each night using it to guide him towards a legendary city. The hobo’s pilgrimage brings him to a lord’s kingdom filled with booby traps. This bloodthirsty tyrant is holding hostage a virgin mother with angelic features, whom the visitor plans on setting free. Not an easy task, seeing as his opponent is a shape-shifting sorcerer with insurmountable occult powers. The disastrous consequences of this duel will lead the nomad to the ultimate brink of his twilight odyssey.

We hope to have a review from the fest, but until then dig into this first official clip courtesy of The Playlist.

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