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Marina Antunes [Interviews 07.24.15]

You many not recognize the name but when you see a picture of Kevin Durand, you'll definitely recognize the face. The character actor has appeared in everything from indies to big Hollywood productions and over the years, has amassed an impressive filmography that has seen him work with a who's who of entertainment heavyweights.

Thanks to his stature, Durand has often been tasked with playing "the heavy" in everything from "Lost" to last year's The Captive (review). But the Canadian actor is also an accomplished stage actor, a dramatist and of late, he's been making the move to leading role. He's currently one of the central characters in FX's gruesome Vampire tale "The Strain" and he leads his first movie, the great horror drama Dark Was the Night (review) which opens theatrically and is available on VOD today.

Over a recent telephone conversation, I had the opportunity to talk with Durand about his new movie, acting, the transition to leading man and his return to the excellent "Vikings."

Recommended Release: The Strain Season 1

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