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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 08.25.15] United Kingdom fantasy

It seems like the 80s is a goldmine of sci-fi and fantasy movies that time forgot. Every other day some movie fan digs up some obscure bit of entertainment that they loved when they were kids and which still holds some nostalgia to a large enough group of people. This story is and isn't exactly that.

Remember Hawk the Slayer? The English high fantasy drama directed by Terry Marcel (who later went on to produce and direct "Dark Knight") co-wrote and directed this tale of knights and sorcery which pits Hawk (John Terry) and Voltan (Jack Palance) as brothers who are at war.

I never saw the movie but watching the trailer brought back memories of a load of other movies of this ilk that I flipped through on TV in the early 90s. I feel like I probably need to give this particular one a go especially on the heel of news that a sequel is in the works.

Ubberfan musician Rick Wakeman (of Yes fame), games and comic book publishing company Rebellion, led by Hawk the Slayer fan Jason Kingsley, and Marcel himself are joining forces for a sequel titled Hawk the Hunter. To raise remaining funds, the trio are launching a crowd funding campaign later this month. It'll kick off on August 30 in conjunction with a screening of Hawk the Slayer at London's FrightFest Film Festival. The movie will then go on to screen at DragonCon and finish up its theatrical mini re-release at the Alamo Drafthouse in Denver Colorado.

The sequel, which will bring back a couple of the original stars, will shoot on location in Lithuania and England.

Recommended Release: Hawk the Slayer

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