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quietearth [Celluloid 09.22.15] action adventure

The genius behind Upstream Color (my favorite film) and Primer has been signed by a major talent firm who is setting up his next project. While there are unfortunately no plot details, we do know its an action adventure titled The Modern Ocean and its going to be big budget. I really hope Hollywood doesn't ruin Carruth. via Deadline

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Lenny (3 years ago) Reply

Not trolling here, just really astounded that Upstream Color could be ANYONE'S favorite film??? LOVED Primer to death from initial release, saw Upstream weekend of release as I was super excited.
HATED, HATED, and despised it to the core! Oh well hopefully this will bring good things.


robin (3 years ago) Reply

"Primer" was boring and uninteresting. Had to force myself to finish it. "Upstream Color" was innovative and revelatory from start to finish. Not perfect, perhaps, and would be well off my top ten, but an excellent and original film. I wonder what sort of a person could hate and hate it? Perhaps the sort of person that doesn't understand one simple fact: others might not think like himself.

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