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Tara Subkoff is a woman of many talents. Her acting career took off in the mid-90s and after a few memorable performances, she turned her attention to fashion and art but recently, Subkoff has found herself returning to the world of movies, this time as a writer-director.

Her debut feature #Horror is fascinating stab at modern horror, taking on the all too familiar story of cyber-bullying and interlacing it with culture's obsession with social media. It's a very timely story to be sure but what struck me most about Subkoff's debut is how dense it is with concepts and ideas not to mention the striking visuals of the movie.

I recently had the chance to speak with Subkoff leading up to the movie's premiere and we talked about the catalyst for the story, bullying in the 21st century, her passion for cult horror and working with kids, animals and water in your debut feature.

#Horror premieres at the NYC Horror Film Festival on November 12 before opening day-and-date in LA, NY and VOD on November 20.

Recommended Release: Unfriended

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