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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 02.11.16] action thriller experimental

We've already seen one insane trailer for  Ilya Naishuller's  insane looking first person action thriller Hardcore Henry (previously simply Hardcore) and the newly minted trailer suggests even more insanity to come (not to mention the excellent use of a Queen classic).

The movie centers on Henry, a man who is raised from the dead with no memory and turned into a bionic man. The living weapon is thrown into the middle of some heavy action, alongside Sharlto Copley, in order to rescue his wife from a crazy looking man who has also kidnapped his wife who appears to be a genius doctor.

The plotting seems a bit convoluted but that doesn't matter because what's really important here is the action and the trailer certainly delivers on the promise that this is going to be something completely different. Comparisons to Crank are likely to abound, the movies share a similar kinetic energy, but honestly, Naishuller's movie seems to be operating on a whole other level.

We'll soon have a chance to see if Hardcore Henry delivers the goods. The movie is scheduled to open on April 8.

Recommended Release: Crank

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be (4 years ago) Reply

Not completely new, if you've seen Doom movie(ten years ago!).
Anyway the action seems faster and the choice of Please don't stop me now for the trailer is great.
Let's hope for a funny movie!


Marina (4 years ago) Reply

I can't say I remember for sure since it's been 10 years since I saw it but if I remember right, that scene was 5 minutes long... if that!


be (4 years ago) Reply

You're right, now we'll see if this concept can hold for a whole movie.

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