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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 05.13.16] anime animation western kungfu martial arts

It takes something pretty special to get me interested in an animated film and this project has my attention. Gorgeously hand-drawn, just watch the opening of the film depicting "Orient City", an unforgiving vertical tangle of rocks and skyscrapers. It's simply stunning.

Following the success of their critically acclaimed graphic novel, "R.E.M.", creators Ryan Colucci and Zsombor Huszka proudly announce the launch of their hand-drawn animated film, Orient City: Ronin & The Princess.

About the Film:
Orient City: Ronin & The Princess is a samurai spaghetti western that mixes the characteristics of the American Wild West and Feudal Asia. An unforgiving place, Orient City is a vertical tangle of rock and skyscrapers interconnected with waterways and cable cars. The poor, quite literally, dwell at the bottom. At the center of it all is Boshi, a fallen samurai who has sworn to protect a young girl whose family has been assassinated. Together they head to Orient City for one thing... revenge.

The team launched its Kickstarter campaign just this week to bring the striking 2D animation to life, and is already on their way toward their overall crowd-funding goal of $30,000 to help cover the total cost of the film. Check it out if this look like something you want to see in the world.

More as it comes, folks!

Recommended Release: Ninja Scroll

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Wow - thanks! Excited you were a fan of what we have so far.

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