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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 08.26.16] horror thriller drama

We've been following the rising star of writer/director A.D. Calvo for some time; he showed great promise and has continued to deliver an interesting array of horror films and his latest looks like another success.

Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl stars Erin Wilhelmi as Adele, a young woman who moves in to care for her aging aunt, a woman who rarely leaves her room never mind communicating with the outside world. Lonely, Adele befriends Beth (Quinn Shephard) and very quickly, the pair become intimate friends. And then Adele discovers that Beth isn't who she claims to be, throwing Adele down a treacherous path.

I'm always impressed by the tension in Calvo's movies and his knack for always finding and getting great performances from young talent and I expect he'll deliver the same with Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl.

Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl will premiere at Fantastic Fest in September.

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