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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 08.04.16] China thriller

I've read the horror stories of Chinese drivers intentionally running over accident victims multiple times to ensure they're dead because it's cheaper to pay for a funeral than to cover the medical bills of a traffic accident victim. Apparently the man at the centre of Old Stone didn't get the memo.

Writer/director Johnny Ma's debut feature is a psychological thriller starring Gang Chen as Lao Shi, a taxi driver who injures a motorcyclist. Shi doesn't just stop to check on the man, he takes him to the hospital and is soon slapped with the news that he's responsible for the victim's hospital bills, a burden that weighs heavy on him and starts to take over his entire life.

The trailer for Ma's film suggests a docu-drama realist approach to the material which is interesting in its own right but what really caught my attention is the film's many accolades coming off of its Berlinale premiere including a review calling it "a suspense thriller with Dostoevskyan undertones."

Old Stone has been picked up for North American distribution by Zeitgeist Films. It will open this fall in select markets with a national rollout to follow.

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