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Carlos Prime [Celluloid 09.25.16]

Acrobatic elderly farts. Cannibalism. Retro cardigan sweaters.

Put simply, this is the kind of movie people come to Fantastic Fest to see. The biggest laughs you’ll have while watching The Greasy Strangler may not necessarily come from the jokes themselves, but from the fact that the filmmakers behind it didn’t hesitate for a second to translate their perverse insanity to the big screen.

The production teams Drafthouse Films, SpectreVision, Rook Films, and Timpson Films collaborated to make sure Jim Hosking’s filthy and perversely hilarious script (co-written by Toby Harvard) went straight for the audience’s neck. It’s one of those films you watch and then ask yourself, “what the hell did they leave on the cutting room floor?”

Big Brayden (Sky Elobar) has a dull and stale life at home with his dad, Big Ronnie (aforementioned elderly farter, Michael St. Michaels). Never managing to compel an audience on their Disco tours of the city (despite the flashy attire), and hardly a hit with the ladies- Brayden is at the end of his rope. This is where I could go into detail about what most would perceive to be “plot,” but that’s about where it ends. And it’s all incredible after coming to terms with that.

There’s romance, betrayal, murder, a naked man with a giant penis getting the grease buffed off his body in an automatic car wash MULTIPLE TIMES, humor, and a passing-the-torch story. You know it’s gross. You know it’s wrong. But it’s too damn funny to ignore.

Combining ludicrous mutilation scenes and abhorrent dietary preferences, The Greasy Strangler is an obese, masochistic mermaid drowning you as you tried to swim with dolphins. If you’re okay with gross, you’re still going to have a hard time accepting the movie for what it is. You have to be incredibly okay with gross to fully enjoy it. You’re still probably going to wince.

Light the stove and dive into that vat of simmering jaundice deliciousness.

If Tim and Eric made a 1970’s horror film in Italy.

Recommended Release: The Baby

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