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German artist Julian Rosefeldt has been garnering acclaim for his work for a number of years but with his latest visual installation, he seems to have blurred and then crossed the line from the art world to the film world.

First presented in 2015, Rosenfeldt's Manifesto is a 13-channel film installation in which superstar actress Cate Blanchett plays thirteen different personas, each of which embodies and pays homage to different artist manifestos and according to the show's description "ultimately questioning the role of the artist in society today."

Now Rosenfeldt's project is making the jump from art installation into the film world.

Manifesto will be screening at the Sundance Film Festival in a few days time and with that screening will likely come some sort of distribution.

I'd be interested to see how the installation differs from the theatrical experience. I expect it's certainly different to move from channel to channel at your own pace than it is to be guided from scene-to-scene by the artist and I'm curious to see how Rosenfeldt's project converts to the movies.

One thing is certain: Blanchett seems on point.

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