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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 07.26.17] thriller drama crime

It's easy to forget since their actions as adults overshadow everything else but killers were once kids. My Friend Dahmer is the story of one of those kids - from the perspective of someone who had an intimate relationship with him.

The movie, which premiered at Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year, is based on John 'Derf' Backderf's graphic novel of the same name in which Backderf recalls his high school friendship with Dahmer who, back then, was a shy and lonely outsider, neglected by his parents and often acting out to get the attention of his peers.

From the looks of the first trailer, Marc Meyers' adaptation hits pretty close to Backderf's memories.

Disney star Ross Lynch takes a break from the Mouse House to take a decidedly different step in his career by taking on the role of young Dahmer. The movie also stars Alex Wolff as Derf, Dallas Roberts as Jeffrey's father and Anne Heche as his mother.

The first trailer is intense and Lynch is super creepy throughout suggesting he absolutely nails his performance.

There's currently no release date for My Friend Dahmer but it's expected later this year.

Recommended Release: My Friend Dahmer

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