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Christopher Webster [Cathode Ray Mission 07.12.17] horror thriller

The world has gone King crazy! Next month The Dark Tower hits, followed by IT in the fall, The Mist is currently running on Spike and Hulu’s got the new King series Castle Rock on the way... oh yeah, and TNT also has a Mr. Mercedes series!

The first trailer for the series starring Brendan Gleeson has hit and you can find that below.

Gleeson plays a retired police detective who receives a series of lurid letters and emails from ‘The Mercedes Killer’ (Harry Treadaway), a solipsistic and misanthropic serial killer responsible for a vehicular mass slaughter who plans an even more diabolical attack soon.

Soon the ex-cop is forced to undertake a private and not quite legal crusade to bring the killer to justice.

Kelly Lynch, Jharrell Jerome, Breeda Wool, Justine Lupe, Mary-Louise Parker and Holland Taylor also star.

King, Kelley, and Jack Bender (“Game of Thrones,” “Lost”) are executive producers with Bender helming the pilot.

“Mr. Mercedes” premieres on August 9th.

Recommended Release: Mr. Mercedes

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