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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 08.02.17] thriller

Director Kevin Phillips emerged as a rising talent a few years ago when his short film Too Cool for School premiered to great acclaim at Cannes. Now the director is making his feature film debut with Super Dark Times.

The coming-of-age thriller stars Owen Phillips and Charlie Tahan as Zach and Josh, best friends growing up in the suburbs in the 1990s. In the pre-internet age, the friends are doing what kids used to do: killing time hanging out doing stupid stuff, trying to navigate the complicated social ladder of high school and talking about girls.

The pair's relationship is put under strain when they witness a traumatic event and each boy has a different idea of how to deal with the fallout.

Super Dark Times looks like an updated version of Stand by Me but with far darker overtones. The trailer is visually striking and suggests some great performances from the leads.

Super Dark Times will open in NY, LA and additional markets on September 29 with VOD to follow on October 3.

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