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John Connor [Celluloid 08.24.17]

PA enthusiast and friend to QE, Kevin Gates, is back with an all new project called Desolation Planet. The first teaser has appeared courtesy of Dread Central and it's looking great for an indie.

After a catastrophic global event has ravaged the world, two survivors emerge from a fallout shelter deep beneath the earth. Radioactivity permeates the shattered landscape after the bombs were dropped and with nothing but their biohazard suits to prevent an agonizing death and no food or water, it becomes a nightmare race against time to locate other survivors.

But as their journey progresses it becomes apparent that another threat has emerged into this new world, for something malevolent stalks the land when the sun goes down.

Recommended Release: Zombie Diaries 2: World of the Dead

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jj (1 month ago) Reply

Looks really good! I remember Zombie Diaries from all of those years ago. Nice little flick.


condorman (4 weeks ago) Reply

looks like I could of done better myself.


Kat A (3 days ago) Reply

^ Standard troll comment.


Agent M (4 weeks ago) Reply

So many locations!


condorman (3 weeks ago) Reply

so many locations and all based around the same


Frank CO (1 week ago) Reply

Looks great!


Rocket Man (3 days ago) Reply

This teaser is taken from some preliminary filming according to one of the crew who posted on FB. Looks promising.

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