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Christopher Webster [Cathode Ray Mission 11.09.17] apocalyptic thriller

A gripping Dutch series called The Swell is streaming on Sundance Now. Shades of apocalypse hover over this disaster thriller about a cross-section of individuals from very different backgrounds struggling to stay alive after a catastrophic superstorm puts half of Holland under water.

Unfolding over six episodes The Swell offers human glimpses of joy, sorrow, rage, kindness, and most importantly, resilience. Conceived with the Syrian refugee crisis in mind, the devastating hurricanes in Houston, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands will no doubt be on most viewers’ minds as they watch these complex characters deal with unimaginable hardships and change.

Four episodes of the series have aired on Sundance Now, with two more hitting Thursdays.

Big thanks to QE reader Ralph M. for the tip!

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