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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 05.11.18] Poland drama

Polish director Agnieszka Smoczynska left a lasting impression with her debut feature, the dark fairy tale about singing mermaids The Lure (review). Now the director is back with her second feature and it looks just as dark and alluring as her debut without the fantastic elements.

Fugue is written and stars Gabriela Muskala as Alicja, a woman who suffers from memory loss who has run off and created a new life for herself as a free spirit.

After two years in the wild she returns home and tries to re-assimilate herself into her old life as wife and mother but it's not an easy process for either her or her family.

I enjoyed The Lure but found it a bit messy though I appreciate that Smoczynska made something new and completely unique. Fugue looks a little more my speed: a tale of alienation which seems to have a dark and perhaps slightly sinister overtone.

Fugue is currently playing as part of Cannes Critic's Week.

Recommended Release: The Lure

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