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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 07.04.18] drama mystery

We sometimes hear about actors getting so deep into character that they temporarily lose themselves but what does that look like (beyond the gossip headlines)? Writer/director Josephine Decker explores that notion in her sophomore effort Madeline's Madeline.

Much celebrated newcomer Helena Howard stars as the titular Madeline, a teenage actress who becomes a member of a prestigious physical theatre troupe led by director Molly Parker.

Parker pushes the young actress to incorporate some of her real-life drama, namely Miranda's troubled relationship with her mother, played by Miranda July, into their new performance, causing the lines of reality between life and theatre to blur and creating a whole lot of drama for the three women.

Stories of artist's struggles for their art are nothing new but Madeline's Madeline has been lauded for both its unique approach to the material and Helena Howard's performance and quite honestly, the trailer is such an amazing piece of art, it's worth seeing even if you have zero interest or intention in seeing the movie. It's that good.

Madeline's Madeline opens in NY on August 10 and LA on August 17 with a national rollout to follow.

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