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In less than 24 hours, the Fantasia Film Festival is going to take over Montreal and until August 2, wash the city in blood, guts and all sorts of things weird.

As has become custom, this year's festival is chalk full of some of the best-underseen genre offerings from late in last year's festival circuit alongside a plethora of new titles not to mention a variety of retro screenings (hello Blood and Black Lace!) but with a festival that runs this long, it's impossible to see everything. So what should you be keeping your eyes on beyond the highlight picks of Mandy (trailer), Summer of '84 (trailer) and the must-see titles in competition this year?

We've sifted through this year's ridiculous line-up and have picked out another five movies which, whether you're travelling to the festival or are planning on attending any festival this year, you might want to keep your eyes on.

For the full rundown of titles, visit the Fantasia website.

What Keeps You Alive

Half of the team behind the Grave Encounters franchise, Colin Minihan's latest stars Brittany Allen as a woman on the run through the woods, attempting to escape the murderous wrath of her wife.


A discovery at Berlinale, writer/director Tilman Singer's feature film debut has garnered him comparisons to Andrej Zulawski and Lucio Fulci. Count us in!


Joseph Kahn's audacious feature about battle rap has both enthralled and incensed audiences since its premiere at Toronto last year.


Timur Bekmambetov, yes, the only and only Timur Bekmambetov, leaves behind big effects for an intimate, timely thriller about a woman who essentially catfishes the bad guys.

The Dark

I know, you're thinking "not another zombie movie!" but bear with me, this one looks particularly interesting: the story of a zombie whose will to hunt begins to recede when she meets a disfigured blind boy.

For the full lineup of this year's festival, visit the Fantasia website.

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