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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 08.28.18] drama mystery

Over the years, I've seen, heard and read about many a strange occurrence (thanks "Coast to Coast"), but there's always some other unexplainable thing around the corner and today I learned about another one: the Zone of Silence which also happens to be at the centre of Lorena Villarreal's Silencio.

The movie stars Melina Matthews as Ana, a woman on a quest to find a powerful stone which she thinks can save her son's life. I've watched the trailer twice and I can't quite figure out what the stone's power is but I'm getting some Looper vibes here and am starting to think that John Noble, who plays Ana's father, maybe travelling back in time.

The movie also stars Rupert Graves as an expert on the Zone of Silence and from the looks of it, his expertise isn't wholly scientific.

Admittedly, the trailer for Silencio does more to confuse the movie's plot than clarify what's actually going on here but I must admit, I'm really curious to see how this plays out in part because this is written and directed by Villarreal and because I just have a fascination with strange, largely unexplainable phenomena.

Silencio opens October 26.

Recommended Release: Red Lights

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