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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 08.21.18] horror

Generally speaking, the words "Mischa Barton horror movie" send me running the other way but for whatever reason, I clicked play on the trailer for Tom Nagel's The Toybox and I must admit, I may have judged Barton too soon.

The movie follows an estranged family who takes a family trip to the desert in their RV. It's supposed to be a bonding trip to get everyone back into talking terms but when they find themselves stranded in the desert, they "soon learn their RV holds terrible, haunting secrets."

In addition to Barton, the movie also stars Jeff Denton and a nearly unrecognizable Denise Richards.

The Toybox looks like fairly mediocre horror fare but I do like that it seems the troublesome folks aren't the strangers the family picks up along the way but rather one of their own. I guess a lot can happen when you don't talk to your family in a while; they can turn into a killer!

The Toybox will be available in limited release on September 14 and on Blu-ray and VOD on September 18.

Recommended Release: Wolf Creek

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