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John Connor [Celluloid 09.14.18] comedy

What could be better than house-sitting a fabulous rent controlled apartment in New York City for the summer and hosting parties for all of your friends? How about a winning lottery ticket to help finance those summer parties? But when the ticket goes missing, a brother and sister become consumed with investigating a mysterious woman they suspect has stolen their winning lottery ticket. There goes their summer party plans.

This is the premise behind A SIBLING MYSTERY, the lauded indie comedy from writer/director duo Dan Erickson and Rachel Wortell. It was created as an ode to classic Hollywood comedies such as Manhattan Murder Mystery (1993) (a film I love BTW) and is a good combo of well executed dialogue and a smartly assembled ensemble cast including Lily Meyer (Romance Analyst), Keith Bethea, Becky Abrams, Eamon Monaghan, Jess Magee, Michele Hierholzer and Phillip John and Velasco Gabriel.

A SIBLING MYSTERY has been a film festival darling making the rounds as an Official Selection at multiple film festivals. A few of the festivals include: the Vail Film Festival, Portland Film Festival, Soho International and the prestigious Mill Valley Film Festival, to name just a few.

Now it comes to digital thanks to Global Digital Releasing who have slated it for release on September 18th. The film will be available on Amazon Instant, Vudu and iTunes in North America, Ireland, and the U.K. for its initial release. It will expand to additional platforms, DVD, and a wider international release at a later date.

Recommended Release: Manhattan Murder Mystery

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