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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 02.21.19] western

There's much to be excited about when it comes to the upcoming Western The Kid.

First and foremost there's Ethan Hawke as Sheriff Pat Garrett, the lawman credited with taking down Billy the Kid. Hawke, always a great addition to a movie, has been particularly good over the last few years. Then there's Dane DeHaan playing Billy the Kid. DeHaan has been a little more hit-and-miss of late but he certainly has the talent. Then there's the fact that this entire thing is directed by Vincent D'Onofrio (who also stars).

The Kid is only indirectly related to Billy the Kid instead, Andrew Lanham's script follows Rio (Jake Schur), a young boy travelling across the American Southwest in search of his sister who has been abducted by his uncle played by Chris Pratt. Along the way, Rio comes across Garrett who is on the tail of Billy the Kid.

Granted, D'Onofrio isn't a proven success behind the camera (his directorial debut wasn't exactly well received by either fans or critics), but he's certainly been on enough sets and worked with enough great directors to have picked up a thing or two and The Kid looks like it could be a successful culmination of his experiences.

The Kid opens March 8.

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