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Writer/director Mark Steven Johnson has done everything from comic book movies to romantic comedies but his latest is likely the best work he's done in years. Written by Ken Hixon and Keith Sharon, Finding Steve McQueen re-tells the true story of a bank heist which prompted the largest manhunt in FBI history.

William Fichter stars as Enzo Rotella, the leader of a gang of thieves who get a tip that Richard Nixon is hiding $30 million dollars in illegal campaign contributions in a California bank vault. The crew add Harry Barber (Travis Fimmel) to their brethren, a Steve McQueen-obsessed guy who seems a little off but proves to be a huge asset to the operation. The heist is nearly perfect with one tiny exception, an oversight that leads to the arrest of most of the crew with the exception of Barber who remained on the run for seven years.

Finding Steve McQueen also stars Forest Whitaker, Rachael Taylor and Lily Rabe.

This looks like it could be a good time. William Fichter is usually a safe bet, as are Whitaker, Rabe and Taylor who generally outperform the quality of the projects. The only question marks here is Fimmel who was great on "Vikings" but hasn't done much else of note since leaving the show and the movie's tone which seems to mix comedic elements into the story.

Finding Steve McQueen opens theatrically and will be available on VOD on March 15.

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