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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 08.30.19] documentary

Alien has endured the test of time and at 40, the movie is as much a part of the culture now as when it opened in 1979.

In the decades since its release, there have been interviews, books, articles, re-releases and much behind-the-scenes information but if the buzz around Alexandre Philippe's latest documentary Memory: The Origins of Alien is anything to go by, there's still more to uncover.

For his latest, the director of 78/52 (which broke down every aspect of the famous shower scene in Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho), delves deep into the origin story behind Alien and everything that influenced the iconic film.

I'm not sure how interested the average moviegoer is going to be about this subject matter but Philippe, with his previous film, this one, and his forthcoming documentary on The Exorcist, has tapped into a niche for movie fans that want to delve deep into the makings of their favourite movies and as a fan of Alien, I'm excited to see what, if any, new insight Philippe and his interview subjects have uncovered.

Memory: The Origins of Alien will be available in theatres and on VOD October 4.

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Digger (1 year ago) Reply

This could have been so good, with interviews with the cast, and more behind the scenes footage. Sadly, it was kind of listless and abruptly stopped.

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