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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 08.21.19] thriller drama

We often knowingly make decisions in the name of self-preservation but what happens when as a child, we make decisions that we don't realize will have life-long implications?

That's the mystery at the centre of writer/director Anja Murmann's sophomore effort Unintended. The indie stars Elizabeth Lail as Lea a young woman going through some stuff.

She's getting flashes of a memory or event she can't fully remember and in an effort to help her move past whatever she's going through, Dad offers to take her out of the city and the pair return to her childhood home where Lea comes face-to-face with the disturbing event from her past.

I love a good psychological thriller and the set-up for Unintended certainly suggests this could be worthwhile but more than that, I'm curious to see Lail in something else. I was impressed by her turn in Netflix's binge-worthy thriller "You" and am excited to see what else she has to offer.

Unintended will be available on VOD on November 7.

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