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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 01.16.20] action

Daniel Radcliffe is among the child-actors of the last decade who has managed to emerge mostly unscathed as an adult talent though he's done so via a series of oddball roles in movies that are far from mainstream. He's been Ginsberg, Igor, a farting corpse, and the latest appears to be another example of Radcliffe playing by his own rules.

In Guns Akimbo, the sophomore effort from Deathgasm director Jason Lei Howden, Radcliffe plays Miles, a video game developer who finds himself at the centre of a streaming action game with guns welded to his hands. There's a point, something about a girl, but that seems beside the point.

Along with Radcliffe, the movie also stars Ned Dennehy and Samara Weaving who had a breakout last year with Ready or Not.

The original concept from Howden who also co-wrote the script borrows a bit from a number of action movies of the last few years, namely Gamer to Hardcore Henry, but it also seems to feature a level of comedy which neither of those movies had which could make for a nice change.

Guns Akimbo premiered at TIFF, before making the rounds to Fantastic Fest and Sitges. It opens theatrically on February 28.

Recommended Release: Hardcore Henry

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