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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 01.27.20] United Kingdom thriller

Calm with Horses may be Nick Rowland's feature film debut but he's hardly a novice behind the camera. Four short films and multiple episodes of television under his belt, the young filmmaker has already made a splash but his debut feature definitely looks like it makes a statement.

Cosmo Jarvis, a standout in Lady Macbeth a few years ago, is nearly unrecognizable here as Douglas "Arm" Armstrong, an ex-boxer and current enforcer for the Denver family, a notoriously violent, drug-dealing family. The deeper he is pulled into the Denver's business, the further he is removed from his own family and his son. It's this inner struggle between his two "families" which is at the centre of Calm with Horses.

Along with Jarvis, the film also stars Ned Dennehy, Barry Keoghan (Killing of a Sacred Deer, Dunkirk) and Niamh Algar.

Calm with Horses appears to be a great addition to the gritty gangster film canon and the trailer suggests the movie could be a worthy entry alongside The Snowtown Murders, Down Terrace and Animal Kingdom; featuring strong performances, violence, and a dark visual style, this time care of cinematographer Piers McGrail.

Calm with Horses made its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival last September. It opens theatrically in the UK on March 6. No news yet on a North American release.

Recommended Release: Animal Kingdom

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Paddy (1 year ago) Reply

How is this British if it was made and financed in IRELAND? Also Irish talent in the main.


kenny reynolds (1 year ago) Reply

Ireland and Gt Britain are two different countries...


Zaphod777 (1 year ago) Reply

Half of Ireland is part of Great Britain. As is Scotland, Wales, etc. If they had called it English you would have a point.


Paddy (1 year ago) Reply

Half? Check an Atlas. This was filmed in the Republic of Ireland by Irish producer Element Pictures and Irish actor/ producer Michael Fassbender. Part funded by Irish Screen. Irish cast/ crew.


Mick (1 year ago) Reply

Well said Paddy - Uneducated arseholes

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