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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 05.07.20] Canada crime comic

Bruce McDonald has long been a favourite among fans of off-beat cinema. McDonald is always pushing the envelope in some way or other and though the results are sometimes mixed, one can't deny the fact that he's always trying something new.

For his latest, McDonald is re-teaming with writer Tony Burgess, the writer behind McDonald's biggest commercial success Pontypool (review, for Dreamland, a surreal, darkly comedic crime drama that also re-teams the director with Stephen McHattie.

McHattie stars as a boozie, drug-addicted jazz legend who, on the eve of one of his biggest gigs of his career, finds himself being hunted by a low-level gangster. Into the mix add a vampire, a child bride and a wedding from hell and you have yourself the making of a batshit bonkers crime movie.

As if the plot isn't convoluted enough, McHattie plays both the jazz legend and the hitman hired to kill him, he plays both victim and persecutor (!), Henry Rollins stars as the gangster calling the shots and Juliette Lewis also co-stars as a crime queen.

The trailer for Dreamland is a bit weird but in typical McDonald fashion, it's also really well shot.

Dreamland will be available on VOD June 5.

Recommended Release: Pontypool

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