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Ridley Scott is a busy guy. In addition to producing and executive producing a load of upcoming content, he's also keeping busy with directing everything from shorts to commercials and this year, he's tackling something else: TV.

Scott, his son Luke Scott (Morgan), Sergio Mimica-Gezzan ("The Terror," "For All Mankind"), Alex Gabassi ("The Frankenstein Chronicles," "The ABC Murders,") and James Hawes ("Black Mirror", "Snowpiercer") have all directed episodes of "Raised by Wolves," one of the highly-anticipated offerings coming to HBO Max.

The series stars Amanda Collin and Abubakar Salim as "Mother" and "Father," two androids tasked with raising human children on a mysterious planet. And then things go bad - obviously.

The 10-episode series also co-stars Travis Fimmel ("Vikings," Warcraft).

It's not often we get a big-budget, big-effects project based on an original idea and while this is certainly not totally new, it's also not based on a pre-existing property. The series is created by Aaron Guzikowski whose previous credits include writing the excellent Denis Villeneuve's directed thriller Prisoners as well as the excellent "Red Road" which starred Jason Momoa.

"Raised by Wolves" premieres on HBO Max September 3.

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JohnVKaravitis (1 year ago) Reply

Seems interesting. Who would have thought that NetFlix would evolve to become a major motion picture studio! John V. Karavitis


Thompson (1 year ago) Reply

I hope the desaturated color filter trend will stop one day. It is very unappealing.


buddy (1 year ago) Reply

you can watch this on the hbo max app. It rules, great acting and visuals. I can't say I've seen anything like it

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