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David House [Celluloid 08.07.20] horror comedy

Well folks, the title of this film should be a big clue as to what you should expect to see. Some horror/comedies are very horrific with some darkly humorous moments, while others are very funny with some bloody, violent, and scary scenes. Uncle Peckerhead is very much in the second category. In a word, this film is FUN.

The film starts with the message that "this is based on a true story." Righhhhhht! The story is about a three-piece Punk band called “DUH!,” who are about to set out on their first road tour. As they get ready to load their gear into their van the 'repo men' show up and scoot it away. Of course, our desperate trio is basically penniless. That's when they find Peck, a quirky older character living in his van, who offers to be their roadie in return for fuel and meals. And away we go...

Their first show is played in a near empty venue and the asshole promoter stiffs them harshly on their fee. While they're sitting in the van outside the club after their gig, depressed and wondering what the heck to do, their driver/roadie Uncle Peckerhead (yes that's his full real name) excuses himself to go back into the club to use the washroom. They wait and wait for him, and eventually go to find out what's keeping him. That's when we get the 'big reveal.' It turns out that at midnight, every night, Peck turns into some kind of bloodthirsty monster; but only for a short while. There's not much left of the promoter, except for a pile of bloody flesh and bones. Well, there's your setup in the first 20 minutes.

The rest of the movie is more of the same, but at least the victims mostly seem to be deserving of what happens to them. “DUH!” is made up of two women and one man. They have Mel, a female drummer and Max, a big bearded guy on guitar, but the strength of the band, and the star of the movie, is Judy, the singer /bass player. Chet Siegel, does a great job as Judy and is the spark of life in the film, and the one we most identify with and root for. She also has a good singing voice. As you might expect, there's lots of music in the film. Although I am not a fan of raucous punk music, there were a couple of much more pleasant songs in the film that I really liked.

One big surprise for me was discovering that this was the feature debut of the actor David Littleton playing Uncle Peckerhead. He does a fine job as this totally over-the-top character, and he certainly looks like someone you think you've probably seen before, but can't quite remember where. This is very much a musical comedy, but those with a weak stomach should be warned that it also has a good share of blood and gore. I thought that the film dragged a bit in the middle, but I loved the ending, so make sure that you have a big tub of popcorn and a couple of brewskis on hand, and stay the distance.

When we're back to normal with cinema openings, this will be a perfect choice for a Saturday midnight show. Enjoy the fun.

Uncle Peckerhead is screening in select theatres on August 7 and will be available on VOD and digital on August 11.

Recommended Release: Uncle Peckerhead

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