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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 01.29.21] Spain drama vampires war

Spanish writer/director Igor Legarreta's name is likely most recognized this side of the Atlantic as the writer of Gabe Ibáñez's rather good robot uprising movie Automata (review), but over the last few years he's also directed his first feature film and his sophomore effort is looking very promising.

All the Moons unfolds in 19th century Spain, in the final period of the Carlist war. A little girl is rescued from an orphanage by a mysterious woman but the girl, badly wounded and close to death, won't survive and so the woman does the only thing she can to save the girl: grants her eternal life.

The film stars Itziar Ituño (best known for Netflix's "Monkey Heist") as the woman and newcomer Haizea Carneros as the little girl.

The trailer for All the Moons is beautiful while also capturing the ugliness of war and while Legarreta's film is indeed a vampire film, he seems far more interested in capturing the emotional drama and turmoil of a vampire forever caught in the form of a young girl.

All the Moons is complete but does not yet have a release date. Expect to see it making festival rounds in the coming months.

Recommended Release: Automata

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