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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 04.16.21] Denmark action thriller

It's been a few years since Danish writer/director Anders Thomas Jensen released a film but he's back and reunited with Mads Mikkelsen for Riders of Justice.

Darker than the pair's previous outing Men & Chicken, here Mikkelsen stars as Markus, a soldier who returns home to be with his daughter after his wife tragically dies in a train accident except her death was likely not an accident but rather collateral damage in an assassination.

With the help of another passenger on the train and his rag-tag group of genius friends, the group sets off to get revenge.

Jensen has a real knack for mixing comedy into hefty subjects and the trailer for Riders of Justice certainly shows that his whip-smart writing continues here. But really, it's all about Mads and his unlikely partners hunting for revenge.

Riders of Justice will open on LA & NY theatres on May 14 followed by a nationwide roll-out and VOD release on May 21.

Recommended Release: Men & Chicken

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