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Visionary filmmaker and creator Phil Tippett has been working on Mad God for what feels like an eternity.

Tippett originally started the project 30 years ago before getting pulled in to oversee work on the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park which lead to even more projects and a career in the industry that kept him busy and away from his passion project.

Then a few years go, while cleaning out the studio, some of his staff found the old puppets and became interested in the dormant project leading Tippett and a group of volunteers to kickstart the project and help bring his vision to life. When the pandemic hit, Tippett took it on himself to finish the film on his own, and now it's finally ready to be shared with the world.

Over the years there have been clips and portions of Mad God shared with the world and while I've seen those, I can't tell you what exactly the movie is about beyond the fact that it takes place in a subterranean city where a group of beings are ruled by another.

Described as “Hieronymous Bosch crossed with Buster Keaton” this will certainly be unlike anything we've seen before.

Tippett is being honored with this year's  Vision Award Ticinomoda at Locarno where Mad God will also be making its world premiere.

Expect to see the feature film making its way through the festival circuits in the coming months.

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haha nice. will definitely watch this

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