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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 08.11.21] horror action thriller

The conceit is pretty straight forward: a dude must regain his freedom by rescuing a young woman. It's when you start adding layers that this thing goes bonkers - and since it’s directed by Sion Sono, you know it gets pretty wild.

Nicolas Cage plays the prisoner, a bank robber in a former samurai town who is sprung by the governor, strapped into a suit covered in explosives and then sent on a death mission into the "Ghostland" to rescue the governors' niece.

Prisoners of the Ghostland may well be the movie we did know we wanted. Or needed.

The first trailer for Prisoners of the Ghostland perfectly captures Cage's no-nonsense yet careless and goofy performance, and we get a glimpse as Sono's universe which is as twisted and brutal as we can expect from the director that has brought Suicide Club, Love Exposure, Tokyo Tribe and so many other zany classics.

Prisoners of the Ghostland will be available in theatres, on digital and on VOD September 17.

Recommended Release: Tokyo Tribe

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