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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 09.10.21] scifi action adventure

As far as The Matrix fans are concerned, I consider myself among them. It was a seminal movie of my life when movies, books, and music helped shape who I was becoming and while the sequels didn't have the same impact as the first, in part because I was older and in part because - let's face it - they simply weren't 'on par with the first.

Here we are now, 22 years since the first movie, being dropped back into the world created by the Wachowski's.

From the looks of the first trailer for The Matrix Resurrections, Neo and Trinity are living in The Matrix with no knowledge of the events of the past three movies but with a sense that perhaps they have met before. And then of course they get sucked into reality by a new set of woke individuals.

Revelations will happen. But will minds be blown?

The Matrix Resurrections looks sleek and action-packed but it feels oddly familiar, featuring many of the same effects that blew our minds two decades ago, this time more polished and pretty than before. I'm not completely blown away by what I've seen but I have faith in Lana Wachowski. She's been living with this story for a very long time and she certainly has the skills to pull it all together. Whether she's successful remains to be seen but I'm excited to see if she can do it.

The Matrix Resurrections opens theatrically and will be available on HBO Max December 22.

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aan (1 year ago) Reply

It's highly unlikely that this film will bring anything new to the table. Still, now that the trailer's out, I'm happy they went ahead and did it. I note the tongue-in-cheek and "Can you believe this sh*t?" tone of it all too, which is a new one for the usually serious if not pompous Matrix films. This, more than anything else, has left me even more eager to dive in and see what silly bit of fun they've concocted. And yes, it mostly looks amazing - some VFX looks a bit rough.


Digger (1 year ago) Reply


They made more than one Matrix film? ;-)
To me this trailer looks like they've simply remade the first film.

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