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John Connor [Celluloid 03.23.22] scifi horror action thriller adventure comic

In a two hour conversation with a popular movie YouTuber called "The Critical Drinker", Descent and Doomsday director Neil Marshall gets honest about his experience working on the recent reboot of Hellboy, which emerged as something of a disappointment for fans and the box office.

Hellboy is the only film Neil Marshall didn't write himself and he says he will never make the same mistake again. He also discusses some of the challenges of having too many voices trying to direct the production.

Watch the clip below to listen to Marshall explain some of the challenges with making that film.

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Digger (1 month ago) Reply

Dog Soldiers was brilliant. Everything else he's directed has been of varying quality, though his upcoming film "The Lair" looks promising.


Wumpus (1 month ago) Reply

Dog Soldiers was imaginative, but The Descent is easily his best IMO.

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