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John Connor [Celluloid 04.26.23] scifi horror action thriller adventure

They say timing is everything... well it was only two days ago that we posted a video taking a look at Neill Blomkamp's long lost AGM Heartland project and then - BOOM - we get news that the Canadian / South African director has a new movie coming with Joel Kinnaman leading.

The new thriller is They Found Us, an alien abduction thriller set up by AGC Studios and Temple Hill.

It is based on an original screenplay by Jeremy Slater, whose credits include Moon Knight, Fantastic Four, The Exorcist, The Lazarus Effect and The Umbrella Academy.

It will follow a father (Kinnaman) and his daughter Kaylee as they undertake a camping trip in the Utah wilderness to heal their broken relationship. After being attacked by a hostile extraterrestrial lifeform, their lives — not just their relationship — wind up at stake, as they fight with a humanoid beast to stop their abduction to an unknown and terrifying alien world.


Recommended Release: Blomkamp 3

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Digger (1 month ago) Reply

Hmmm, that sounds like derivative, this plot has been done a thousand times before. Hope he can pull it off well, I'm lowering my expectations here.


Wumpus (1 month ago) Reply

How is Neill Blomkamp still finding jobs?

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