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John Connor [Celluloid 04.24.23] scifi horror comedy cult thriller

In the early morning of November 23, 2010, thousands of iPad users were surprised to witness a strange scene when they opened their December issue of WiRed magazine.

Instead of the promised feature story on Tron: Legacy, readers found themselves watching an eerie and all-too-real video that appeared to be filmed on a cell phone by two young men.

In the video, which is exactly one minute and 1 second long, the men turn from a highway onto a dirt road and stop beside a puddle where they find what looks like a small, mutated creature lying in the brackish water.

The men can’t make out everything that’s stamped on the side of the strange creature, but using modern technology (the pause button), we can see that it reads, "18.12 AGM Heartland Pat Pend USA" as well as the words, "US Inspected and Approved".

It’s interesting to note that 18.12 is also the issue# of the Wired Magazine issue the video appeared in.

The video played quickly and disappeared just as quickly, but keen-eyed observers were quick to see a credit on the bottom right side that read, "Video by Neill Blomkamp"...

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Recommended Release: Blomkamp 3

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