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quietearth [Celluloid 11.27.06] post apocalyptic

Released in 1951 and written/directed by Arch Oboler, Five is just another lackluster post apocalyptic movie.

The basic premise is that a nuclear war wipes out everyone, but somehow everything seems to remain intact. The (you guessed it) "Five" remaining people lived through the nukes because of strange circumstances or possibly by being immune to radiation.

This is also another "one dame left" flick. While not very imaginative, it's more realistic then most PA movies in the way it portrays despair. I give it a 6 out of 10, another Sunday thriller.

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torgotom (11 years ago) Reply

TOTALLY disagree. It was 1951; this was the invention of the genre. In 1951 the issues of extermination and race and dead babies was NOT cliche or overdone; it has never been done like this.


wahoodoss (10 years ago) Reply

I just watched this last night. I really liked it. I agree with torgotom. As this movie was made in 1951, how can you call it unimaginative? It was the first of its like. Also, while there were elements of a "one dame left" movie, that was not the main theme of this film. It was more about how the different personalities dealt with all of a sudden being the only ones left.


(8 years ago) Reply

I thought it was clearly written by a man (Mr. Obler) as what happens to the woman in the movie wouldn't have beem written by a woman--too sad.

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