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quietearth [Celluloid 03.07.07] post apocalyptic movie

Aint't it cool news reports that Shyamalan's new script, "The Happening" is a "helluva script". They report that it's a cross between No Blade of Grass and Stephen King's The Cell. Boy that sounds good.

From Ain't it cool:
"This has the potential to be the best film M Night has made. It depends on the casting, but he's always done well with his casting. As with all of Shyamalan's films - at the heart of the script is spiritual healing and hope. However, unlike everything he's done - there's a mean streak. I see why so many studios were scared by the film, as there is definitely a fatalistic vibe pulsing through this film. However, I've always loved stories about the end of civilization as we know it. They always make for interesting conversations after you see the film. The "what would you do, if you were among the last survivors of a global pandemic?"

And the original link is

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